Jun 6, 2010


I look in the mirror these days and wonder who the heck is staring back at me. This friday I was at the gym lifting weights (please say that in your head like arnold swarz. would say, I love Arnold impressions) and I am looking in the mirror to make sure I have correct form. During these reps you really have to focus and reflect. After the third rep, I look around and then really take a look at myself and think WHO IS THIS>???? I would have never imagined I could come so far. If you would have asked me in January or even February to "lift weights" at the Dowd YMCA with all the people who look good and "know" what they are doing, I would of laughed at you and said YEA RIGHT. I definitely hardly recognize my body. With the commitments I have made to Medi Weightloss and going to YMCA classes 4-5 days a week I have transformed my figure, mind, confidence, you name it, its blossomed.

So this week I weighed in on thursday, as I wanted to move the weigh-in later into the week, after having a large memorial day party and knowing I over indulged. So I step on the scale expecting to be up a pound. BUT I get on the scale and ..... 129. REALLY 129! I can't believe it. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine to be in the 120's. I am 5'2 so its fitting but still I thought it was just "not for me." You know the usual excuses "I'm big boned" "I have more muscle than most" if you have struggled with weight you know the sayings to make yourself believe there is a reason you aren't a certain weight. Well I am here to tell you you can do it. I set my goal at 130 thinking that was ridiculous but I broke into the 120's. Its just another amazing surprise and accomplishment I thought was NEVER possible.

I think what has helped me most is truly believing in the process. Being confident that it is going to work and not stressing or worrying that for some reason it isn't going to work. I really think we all have self-fufilling prophecies. If you are worried or think you aren't going to do well then there is a good chance you won't do as well as you should have. But if you truly believe, even visualize the process you will achieve what you want. Clearly not saying this works all the time. I have my weeks where I am negative nelly but I do think the more positive you stay and focus on all the great things you have achieved you will / can expedite your results.

Food Spotlight
OK so I am going to start having tips that get me through the week. This week I will suggest greek yogurt. Google it, whatever you want. It has great benefits. Double the protein. Just a really good thing to eat. Very filling. I love it. I have either Chobani vanilla or Oikos by Stoneyfield vanilla 110 calories.  I eat one of these every day and it is a GREAT source of protein.

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