Jun 9, 2010


So I weighed in on Wed. morning. I really wasn't too worried about it or stressing like I occasionally do. I know I DID indulge this past saturday (aka a lot of Champagne and beer, yes this is a picture of me OVER INDULGING! hahaahah sometimes you need to let loose) but worked hard the rest of the week and stuck to the plan. I have so much energy and feel sooo great! Well I weighed in at 130 yes sad face for a second. So I gained a pound BUT I lost a pound of fat annnnd my water was up along with my fat free mass aka more muscles :) And for once with gaining a pound, which is mainly due to water, I don't feel defeated and am VERY happy. Many times before this weighing in at Medi, I would get down on myself for being up a pound even if it was due to water weight. But today I am ok with it! I know I am doing what I need to do, my body is looking fantastic, and I am very focused and HAPPY.  I am currently 130 pounds with 30 pounds of fat on me and 100 pounds of Fat free mass.. ummm that is pretty darn good! woo hoo. It almost looks like I know what I am doing when I go to the gym hahah.

Being on short term maintenance and adding (now) two starches during the day it has definitely up-ed my energy and I can perform much better when it comes to my workouts. I feel more driven and feel like I can do a lot more. Yesterday in Spin I pushed it very hard and to another level, and never have sweat so much! It was a great feeling. My new goal really is to tone up. (Arms and stomach mainly). I will continue to focus and keep my eye on the prize. I KNOW I am doing everything I possibly can and am so proud! Nothing is standing in my way. I am making a commitment for June to workout 4-5 times a week and vary the works out as to keep muscle confusion going.

Food Spotlight

For those of you adding starches back in or who are on a regular diet and looking for a VERY healthy grain/starch to eat. I recommend Ezekial bread products. They contain no gluten or flour. The english muffins are especially tasty. Per serving they are 80 calories which is exactly what my medi short term plan calls for. They give me incredible energy and I love it! Currently I have a 1/2 of a whole wheat english muffin from ezekial and for lunch I have one slice of the whole wheat bread 4:9 Ezekial. Ezekial products can definitely be found at Harris Teeter in the frozen section, and most likely at any whole foods store in the frozen section.

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