Jun 24, 2010


Well I am officially in the wellness phase. The past month I have managed to stay between 129-131 using the tools medi has given me. Slowly increasing my calorie intake and carbs. The largest wake up call was last week when I was asked to start separating dairy from my protein count. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???? Dairy made up at least half of my protein count. Are you people insane. After leaving my appointment last week I was flipping out. I had to really rethink my habitual meal plan and start from scratch. I had to eat 700 calories of just straight meat/ real protein and ONLY 2 servings (80 cals) of dairy. WHAT???? Well, of course after re-evaluating things in my mind, Medi was doing something right again. By changing things up just a bit, I have and had to totally re-think about what is going in my mouth. I had to refocus and recommit to this new phase in my journey. Previously I had the acute/lose weight phase down pat, I had a routine and was at the point where I didn't need to think about what I was doing... and that my friends is where you can start getting into trouble. When you don't think! So with me having to redo my daily meal plan and actually write things down again, I feel like I have recommitted to what I am putting in my mouth and am re-focused. Its Great!!

In recommitting or refocusing if you will, as I was already committed but just need to hone in my mind... I decided to get back to a thing Derek and I had been doing the first few months I began the program. At the first week of each month we both would measure arms, legs, chest, waist, hips, and neck, AND take photos of us in our swim suits. My swim suit being a suit he bought me for my birthday last year that was WAY TO SMALL and he must of been on drugs to think I would fit in it. Well NOW I DO FIT IN IT. Actually the bottoms are even a little to big! Thats right! I reluctantly have decided to post the pics to inspire those reading this. Yes they are incredibly embarrassing and No I really don't want to show the world BUT it is a great accomplishment and all those on their own journey need to see what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it! So Here are the results:
                         January 1st 2009                    June 1st 2010

Arms:                       13"                                           10 1/4"
Neck:                      14.5"                                           13"
Thigh:                        23"                                          20 1/4"
Calve:                     14 1/2"                                          15"
Hips:                         43"                                          36 1/2"
Waist:                     36 1/2"                                        27"
Chest:                     41 1/4"                                        35"                                  

Food Spot Light:

If you know me I probably have already mentioned this to a few of you but every morning I have a Vega Vitamin Shake. You have to get used to the taste but now I actually look forward to this in the morning. It covers my daily vitamin (as I hate taking pills), it also includes omega 3's, fiber, protein, probiotics, and a few other things. It really is a great addition to my meals and is VERY filling!! You can find it at GNC or you can get it off amazon for like 20 dollars cheaper. There are three flavors and I usually do the Chocolate kind. SO delicious! I even have Derek eating it every morning with me! Here are a few Recipes. I count the calories toward my protein calories as it does have a decent amount of protein in it! 1/2 of one batch = 130 cal!


  1. Great job Carrie looking hot. Amy frady

  2. You look amazing! I am so inspired...if only I could get motivated to get fit ;) Do you use the recipes for the vitamin shakes or just drink them plain?