May 3, 2010

Stepping out of your COMFORT ZONE

So as most of us know in life we are all about comfort. And for me and many others Food brings us comfort, thats how we get to all of a sudden be where we dont want to be! We turn to what brings us comfort. Well this weekend I confidently broke through my comfort zone.

It was Derek and I's one and a half year anniversary and he has been bound and determined to take me to get sushi. I have been very resistant seeing as I really don't like fish. Well we went. And I confidently tried sushi. I did not freak out or get nervous before putting the first piece in my mouth. I ate with confidence. And guess what... I loved it. It was soo good! (a little chewy) but it was really delicious. Its so funny the fears we have in our heads and when we tackle them.. hey it isnt that bad and we actually might end up enjoying it!

So for comfort zone number two, this is a biggy. (Yes even bigger than eating sushi!!!). So I feel like every girl / woman I know loves to pick apart her own body. I have things I love and things I hate! well my mid section is definitely a part of me I am not so fond of. I could pick apart every thing I don't like for a few paragraphs but will spare you. :) Anyways I decided it was time to celebrate how far I have come and tell my body thank you for cooperating and getting me to where I am at. So I did the unthinkable! (for me at least). I went out in public with a cute sports bra and work out pants.. NO SHIRT to cover up my tummy. I walked 5 miles all over town to show off my hard work. NO its not perfect and YES I wish it was more toned here, here, here and there. But its time to embrace my accomplishment and love my midsection! I did get stares and beeps on my walk whether good or bad I was making a statement for myself. It was liberating and a great confidence boost!!! I think everyone should step out of their comfort zone every once in a while.. Amazing things may happen!

And to top all of it off.. I weighed in today.... and 132.4 I will take it! So close to goal. I have no expectations and will keep working hard. I am just SO HAPPY!!!

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  1. Congrats on your accomplishments. I am so happy you are so happy. Keep up the good work, and most importantly, have fun.

    And who's that handsome man in the picture below? Fruit cake.