May 19, 2010


On sunday, as I sit on the plane ride home from a crazy weekend of visiting with friends and enjoying a bachelorette party and bridal shower, I look down and see one of those awesome airplane magazines. I look closer and on the front cover (actual title of magazine) it says " there is nothing stopping you... GO." On a plane out of nowhere this statement resonates with in me. It is a short to the point statement. Nothing fancy ... there is nothing stopping YOU.. go. It causes me to reflect on my journey of overcoming weight. The only thing stopping me was myself. It seems we create excuse after excuse on why we can't do something. Only you and yourself alone can break through these excuses and move forward. If we put our minds to it we can do anything.. and we DESERVE to be able to do anything we want!!! It is not easy by any means and usually takes some type of wake up call.. mine being seeing pictures of myself and barely fitting into my fat clothes hahaha.  But I really think this statement is going to be something I hold close to me. There is nothing stopping you... GO. Its empowering.

So this leads me to today... I definitely woke up late and needed to get to my Medi appt. at 8 am. After a crazy week I wasn't sure what kind of number I was going to pull. Knowing I tried my hardest to stay on course with a little indulgence here and there I walked into the clinic holding my head high. So time to step on the scale......................................................................130. WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With may I add a 2.5 fat loss and down from 36 inch waist to a 27 inch waist... Again there is NOTHING STOPPING ME.. I can do and go anywhere I want.  I finally reached my goal. It feels amazing. No this is not the finish line for me by any means. It is just the beginning of working toward a life of health, well - being, happiness, and confidence. I KNOW I can achieve whatever I want. Its not just about the weight its about overcoming a lot of things over a while, and seeing benefits I never could have imagined.

I know the task seems sooo daunting when you are starting out. But is just takes the first step.. going day by day... it doesn't happen overnight... but before you know it you will be there. Failing will happen it just depends what you do and how you handle it when you hit a bump in the road. Believe in yourself and you can make great things happen.


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  1. So Awesome Carrie. I'm glad you are sharing your story. So many of us have so much in common and everything you said, I definitely can relate to and I am much older than you but I'm glad I finally got it even at my age. It was so worth it and Medi definitely is the way to go for people like us. Congrats again!