Apr 26, 2010


Alright where do I start.....  This weekend was all about MIND OVER MATTER. On Saturday I decided to challenge myself at the gym. As I have previously stated I AM OBSESSED with the Biggest Loser and this season they have had a few challenges involving cycling 26.2 miles as fast as they can.  Sam the most fit contestant currently, finished it in an hour and sixteen minutes. So I decided I wanted to try and cycle the 26.2 under his time. This is the first time I have cycled not in a spin class, and it was much more difficult with out having someone yelling at you the whole time haha. Well I would like to say I finished it in one hour and two minutes!!! I am so proud! Just another thing off the check list of accomplishment. Though I might make this a bi-weekly habit, as I really enjoyed it!and it was a great work out!!!

So Today rolls around and its weigh-in time 8am. I am feeling pretty confident considering I got exactly my 600 calories of protein in and excercised REALLY hard all week! Had a few chances to drink alcohol but passed and offered to DD for everyone.  So I step on the scale... 134.5.. CRAP. I disappointingly get off and wonder what is up! Well turns out I was up in water and fat free muscle weight BUT lost 2 pounds of fat!! Now here is the conundrum.  My brain is like crap you gained a pound, but at the same time I lost two pounds of fat.. GET OVER IT CARRIE YOU SHOULD BE EXTATIC.  Its sooo funny I think all of us who have struggled with our weight most of our lives know we can get so stuck on numbers or a number.  Really as I read over some of the Medi Facebook pages I see women getting frustrated cause the numbers they want to come up aren't coming up when they want, and really same with the biggest loser. My number currently being that I want to be at 130 ...(damnit!)  But I feel like we need to get over this whole number thing. MYSELF INCLUDED. HELLO.  Why in the heck am I beating myself up about a pound? I think it really has to do with re-training your brain. Recognizing it, saying ok, and then doing something about it. As of today through medi weightloss I have lost 24.5 pounds and 22.5 pounds of it being fat .. I think that is ok.. really I am not saying that for anyone else but myself.. I need to say it out loud... ITS GOOD CARRIE.

So as I head toward reaching goal I am breaking through mind barriers (which is crucial) and moving forward. As of now I plan to start training for a half marathon in the near future to set a new, once thought "impossible", goal to accomplish.  With still an attachment to my number 130, I continue to work hard and eat right. I believe we all have inner struggles, its not easy, but when you put your mind to it and embrace the whole MIND OVER MATTER mantra, we all can accomplish our goals and know we deserved to do such things!

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