Apr 22, 2010

Your Inner Fitness Guru

Well, I successfully lost weight after traveling to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and eating out for every meal!! Yikes! it was a daunting task and I was pretty sure the results would not be good when I weighed in this Monday. Considering its impossible to tell how many calories you are consuming when you eat out. I just stuck to making sure I left food on the plate, ate salads with dressing on the side and made sure to eat lean protien minus the yummy but fatty hotdog I had .. EEK. It is now day 103 and weighed in at 133 on monday :) day 99. 3 pounds away from goal!

During the trip I brought my workout clothes but they did NOT get used. However on a spur of the moment trip to this wonderful place called peanut island, a few miles were walked to check out the scenery.. kind of an impromptu workout you could say. I estimate we walked at least 3-4 miles, minus the sun burn it was great!

Now to the point of this blog, because I am SOOO forgetful I of course left my reading material and electronics at home, so I had to get a magazine to entertain myself in the airport. I purchased Women's Health on my way to Florida, and purchased Fitness on the way back to Charlotte. OK people, I usually read fashion magazines and really only glance through them maybe reading an article or two. But let me tell you both of these health magazines I read cover to cover. I found so many great tips and inspirational/motivational ideas. It really released my inner fitness guru!! Just after reading the ONE issue of these two magazines I feel doubly informed about different things and even more confident that I will stay in the best shape.

Its kind of funny, for those of you who are obsessed with the biggest loser like I am, you notice the last 10-8 people left on the show usually change their careers and go into a fitness/wellness/motivational speaking career.. I GET IT NOW. My inner fitness monster is starting to be unleashed. And its amazing, the next few blogs I will post things I found that are really fascinating and has me googling uncontrollably!!!

Perhaps your just starting to get fit, contemplating it but find the task too daunting (yes I like that word), or are almost at the end of your journey. Wherever you are at I believe we all have an inner fitness guru and ANYONE can tap into it!~


  1. loooooooooooooooove the new look!!! thanks for the inspiration!!!!!!!just what i need!!!!!

  2. I agree...after you lose weight, you are so in tune with diet and exercise that you could teach others. What better way to stay motivated to keep the weight off. I've thought about yoga myself. Not so much to teach for money but to learn for myself. Your blog looks great. Congratulations on your progress on Medi.