Apr 14, 2010

It's ok to tell me I am tiny.. I LIKE IT.

Its so funny in this day and age that so many people are afraid to ask about weight. YES, its inappropriate to say looks like you gained weight. BUT I can tell you if there is a noticeable difference and its positive GO FOR IT. I believe I have accomplished what I ultimately thought was impossible. I am so proud to say I currently weigh 134! (thanks to all of you who have commented it goes a long long way and creates even more motivation for myself!) Seriously people I haven't weighed this since Freshman year of high school or 8Th grade (clearly have blocked it out of my mind!). So I am telling you right now, its OK to comment that someone looks smaller.. even if they haven't lost any weight its usually a great ego boost. Me at 134 ... 4 pounds to go :) This brings me to another point.. I have recently gotten comments that if I don't stop loosing soon I am going to blow away.. I think this is an interesting comment.. Perhaps one's ultimate progress and achievement is intimidating to some? I know what too skinny is and I am no where near that. I suppose I laugh this comment off but its hard to tell if its a compliment or what. All I can say is currently my goal is to be 130. I am four pounds away and NOTHING is going to stop me to getting there. It is achievable and I WILL accomplish it!! The key to everything is believing you can do it and you deserve to achieve such things. Realizing this has opened up my mind to many possibilities and I have gained so much in all aspects of life.

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  1. you look amazing!!!!!! and i can tell you feel it too!!!!!!!!!...........;)