Jan 8, 2012

Life Changers.

Well it has been ages since I even thought about blogging. My modern obsessions have seemed to change various directions over 2011. For a while on this blog, my focus was weight loss, and achieving goals I never thought possible.

Well Ironically on Friday morning at 9am I found myself in the waiting room of the Medi Weight Loss clinc (with my tail slightly between my legs I might add).  Folks I maintained my weight for a year + but honestly managed to put quite a few pounds back on during the year of 2011.

During my medi appt. I met with one of the dieticians (insert whatever their official titles are) to go over what had happened and why I was back. After discussing the past few months and getting over all the EXCUSES I had of why I gained 20+ pounds back. She made a great point. IN a lot of our lives when great major life events / changes occur it throws us off track.

Well in hind sight I guess you can say getting engaged, planning for a wedding, and starting your own side business can be considered a major life change. I can't promise I am going to be an avid blogger. But I would like to hope in the next few months I am going to blog about my NEW modern obsessions. YES THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM.

Friends, family, strangers what have you, I plan to attempt to start blogging about juggling my full time job (which I love), my side business (which is a new Love), wedding planning (which completely overwhelms me and I will love when the day is here), and my journey to achieve a balanced life of eating right and excercising regularly aka losing the pounds I gained, and then maintaining.

Juggling all these things seems like there is this intense mountain in front of me, but I know with Derek by my side and taking one day at a time, this can be accomplished!

No this is not a new years resolution, but for some reason a new year does bring people new hopes. And for me, it helps me re-set, re-vise, and re-think.  We're not perfect that is for sure.  All I can hope if for a bright future, to stop making excuses and get it done. Fear of the unknown is what causes worry. Time to take the unknown head on once again.


  1. Carrie, your weight loss was so awesome to see. Good luck on your new journey, and I can't wait to see your success. -Barrett

  2. You can do it Carrie! You are such an inspiration. "What are you waiting for...GO!"